What We Do

1. Our process is quite straightforward and simple

After choosing to partner with JiffyHub ecommerce fulfillment, you will send your inventory in bulk to our local storage. We can help and offer advice on the best way to send your stock to us.

2. Inspection Process

After receiving the stock, we will inspect and count stock. We will confirm quantities, dimensions and weights, and notify you of any inconsistencies, damaged goods or other problems with the receipt.

3. Storage & Categorization

We then store and categorize each SKU (product identifier) and upload the stock onto our inventory management system. You will have access to this system through a client portal, and you can track and receive reports on the status and history of actions on your inventory.

4. Daily Order fulfillment & FBA Prep

At this point, for sellers using JiffyHub Fulfillment, we are ready to do daily order fulfillment operations.

For Amazon sellers, we are ready to do labelling and other bulk preparations for your inventory.

5. Dispatch Your Orders

We will pick, pack & dispatch your orders between an agreed period of 24 hours* every working day and our inventory management system will automatically send you frequent dispatch order details, such as tracking info, at a frequency of your choosing (Daily, weekly, monthly)

6. Stock Availability reports Updates

We will send you weekly and/or monthly stock availability reports and notify you of any quantity adjustments.

*For orders made over the weekend we will have different agreed period of dispatch orders. For specific pricing and payment terms, please contact us for a quote.