eCommerce is experiencing growth of epic proportions. Together with globalisation, this has led to many opportunities for small to medium sellers and entrepreneurs who have chosen to take advantage of these opportunities. But with these opportunities come many challenges. JiffyHub is one of the solutions.

Ebay selling 3rd party logistics

We have a background in Ebay selling, 3rd party logistics, communications and marketing and our two founders, Lee and Simon, became involved with helping eBay sellers to store, pick, pack and send products to UK buyers while studying their Master’s Degrees in the United Kingdom, in 2013. After realizing there might be a growing need for fulfillment solutions for foreign-based sellers who are new to the UK market and looking for partners they can trust, they founded JiffyHub.

Let's grow together

Today, JiffyHub is an ambitious company that is looking for ambitious sellers who we can believe in and who we can see a potential for a great long term relationship.

We pride ourselves in never being satisfied, because there is always an opportunity to be better.

We also believe we have the experience and the sensitivity to communicate directly with you as a client and find the best custom solution that can benefit your business.